Blog Review of ‘What an Amazing World’

This week I read a post blog called, What an Amazing World!. The blog is like an indie version of National Geographic. The author of the blog, Bama, writes about his travels in remote areas of Asia. Bama set a goal in 2011 to travel to thirty foreign countries by 2020.

In the post I read, A Valley Between the Snows, he was in the mountains of northern Lebanon. Bama writes about the region’s past as an area ridden with conflict and war. Due to its past, navigating the region requires experience and vigilance. It was inspiring to read about his journey to ancient Roman ruins hidden away in the mountains.

He visited a temple dedicated to Jupiter built around late first century BC . Despite its immense size and complex, ornamentation, the ruins don’t have many visitors due to the political and cultural volatility of its location. The design of the temple is astonishing. It is amazing to think about the sheer amount of man power and craftsmanship it must have taken to build such a structure.

Photo taken from A Valley Between the Snows by Bama

I highly recommend reading this blog. It has inspired me to travel. His story of the ruins was mentally stimulating. His photography is impressive and thought provoking. I can’t wait to read his next blog posting.

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